Posted by: rl4man | January 3, 2011

Back to the Routine

Christmas Eve at St. Paul UMC

The holidays came and went in a flash! Wow! We had a nice relaxing Christmas with Kevin’s family and then New Year’s Day we had Christmas with my family in Columbus. It’s nice to spread things out so it doesn’t feel quite so hectic. The boys loved their presents, however, almost as soon as all the paper is ripped off and the boxes are opened and inspected, they’re back to telling me what they want next. It’s moments like these that I realize I have done a terrible job at teaching my children to appreciate what they have. They are horribly spoiled. I need to work on that. I’m horribly spoiled too. We had gone on a budget in the fall and we were doing great until Christmas hit. Then I started charging up the credit card again, not just for Christmas presents for the boys, but for myself as well. I just couldn’t pass up some great specials on running skirts. Then I splurged for Kevin and got him a iPod. He got me a massage chair pad which is wonderful. I’m constantly wanting him to give me back rubs and this way I can get them whenever I want. It’s the Shiatsu style, so it kneads the muscles pretty well.  Now they need to invent one for legs!

Before the feeding frenzy began

I got some good runs in over the holidays, not as much as I wanted, but still I’m pleased I didn’t completely slack off. I had to work off all the extra calories I ingested over the last two weeks. I’m continuing to up my starting pace on my shorter runs. I’m up to 6.5 mph or a 9:13 pace. I managed to hold on to that last night on a 10k run and ended at an 8:30 pace.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve early with the boys and let them light sparklers and set off poppers. They’re so cute. Unfortunately, I think they’ve both inherited their mother’s pyromania gene. After they were in bed, Kevin and I hung out for a little while and then I got ready to run.

Pre-race photo op

I never found anyone to go with me for my Midnight Special New Year’s Eve 5k race, but I decided to brave it by myself. I’m glad I did. I had such a great time. I ended up getting a tech shirt anyway, the medal was really nice, and it only cost me $20 (that was even the race day price–$16 if I’d registered early). Plus I got a PR in the dark and rain.

Me with my medal and curly "rain hair"

Even though it was rainy, it warmed up to about 50 degrees so the rain actually felt good once I started sweating. Most of the course was on a nice, paved bike trail, however it wasn’t super wide. It was an out and back, so once the lead runners were doubling back, it got a little more difficult to navigate. It was very dark in sections, but I had a little flashlight to use when I needed it to see puddles. You could hear the runners in front start splashing, so there was some warning beforehand. I never did step into a deep one, but my feet got a little wet. About midway, fireworks started going off all around us signaling the start of the New Year. It was pretty neat. My time was 28:19, which was a surprise since I wasn’t sure how fast I could go in the dark. Although it was chip-timed, they didn’t have a mat at the start, just started the clock with the gun. It took me a little while to get to the starting line so my actual time was faster than that, but how much I don’t know since I couldn’t see the sign for the start either, so I didn’t know where to start my Garmin. All I know is that I was in the middle of the crowd and we didn’t take off very quickly. Once I got through the initial bottleneck, I ran hard and was huffing and puffing toward the middle, but I just kept pushing. I knew from my training runs that I could make it to 5k even breathing as hard as I was. My next goal is a sub-27:00 5k. I’m not sure when that will be. I’ll have to search out some local races. There was one disappointment for the night (besides being alone–although texting Kathryn and Liz pre-race helped pass the time and keep me company). The initial results printout showed that I was in 5th place out of 12 for my age group. They were handing out champagne flutes 7 deep for awards and I really wanted one. When I went to check in, I wasn’t on the top 7 list. Then I overheard a volunteer say that the posted results had incorrect age group information and new ones were coming out soon. So I waited around until they brought those out and I ended up being 11th out of 25. I wish they had blacked out the incorrect information so I didn’t get my hopes up like that. I didn’t get to see how far ahead the winners were, but my goal next year is to get an AG award. Yes, I’m doing it again! It was a fantastic way to ring in the new year. We would have brought the boys and let them stay up late or sleep in the car if we hadn’t been going to my mom’s the next day. But we didn’t want them to be tired and cranky at her house. Good call! But maybe next year…

I got the tree down yesterday, but there’s still a mess of toys and other junk around the house. I need to get the house straightened up, especially if we’re going to “officially” list the house for sale with a real estate agent. I dread going through showings again, but it’s a good incentive to keep things clean and picked up.

Our 18th wedding anniversary is coming up on Sunday, so our “holidays” aren’t quite over yet. It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since Kevin and I met and started dating. He’s put up with a lot from me and I am so grateful for his undying love and support. He is truly a perfect fit for me. We don’t have a perfect marriage, and neither one of us is perfect, but we are perfect for each other.

I’m not sure what this new year will bring. My running goals are to continue working on speed, to run a few 5k’s (something in the winter and/or spring, definitely the Warrior Dash with Kathryn in June, the North Baltimore 5k in July, the Up, Up & Away in August, another Turkey Trot and the Midnight Special, of course), the Glass City Toledo 1/2 marathon, the Red, White & Blue Findlay 1/2 marathon, and the full Columbus marathon. On the employment front, Kevin has a job offer from Ohio Christian University in Circleville, OH. It wouldn’t require that we move down there, but he’d have to travel in southern Ohio frequently if we didn’t. Unfortunately, the initial salary offer is way too low for us to consider it. We’ll see if they can come up at all. I’m also going to check with Ed, my boss, to see what he would think of me working remotely. I’m not sure he’d go for that or not, but it’s worth finding out if it’s even a possibility. Another exciting opportunity is at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN in student career counseling. We met the Schroeder’s at Panera last week and discovered that they know the guy who is hiring for the position that Kevin is applying for. It’s much more within Kevin’s interests and we’d already have friends there. We’ll see if this goes anywhere. While Kevin and I love Findlay, we have gotten to the point where we’d love to start over somewhere else where people don’t have preconceived ideas about who we are and what we can do. We also have some concerns with our church and haven’t found anywhere else to attend in or around Findlay. Kevin’s dream is to find a single job that will support our family so that I don’t have to work, at least not full-time. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom as well. I don’t mind working, but it would be nice to be able to concentrate on keeping our home running smoothly. I am extremely grateful that the CGGC has allowed me the flexibility that it has and supported our family in the past years, but I’m ready for a change and less responsibility outside of the home.

So that’s our prayer for the new year. That the Lord would guide us in a clear manner to where and what we should be doing next. And that if we are to stay where we are, that we would find contentment and fulfillment in what we are doing. May you be blessed as well, in the coming year and beyond.



  1. So much in your post to comment about! First, great job on the 5K! You do have a ton of races in your list! I think I’m done for the winter, although the coordinators of the race I just ran have a spate of races that I could do. There is one kind of in my back yard in May, I might do that.
    I know what you mean about holidays. It seems with our anniversary and my surgery, I’ve added a week more onto our holidays. Ugh. Gotta work on having fewer ‘special’ eating days.
    I was wondering about the job offers. Indiana??!! That’s even farther away! I won’t whine, I’m sure you hear enough of that. But but but. Well, ok. As long as we can plan on one race together, I’m happy. Hey speaking of that, are there any races in March that weekend? I’m really working on my time and would like to run with you.
    Well anyway, I enjoy reading up on you. And I love the pre race pic!

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