Posted by: rl4man | January 11, 2012

Deliquent Post

I’ve got several races to cover and a lot of life in between. I’ve just been a little bit lazy about posting lately. Let’s see, we left off somewhere around the end of October.

My next race was the Run4Haiti on November 19. It was a well organized race for the first year and they had a good turnout at around 150 participants. The t-shirt wasn’t all that great, but not any worse than other small races I’ve run. And they at least did have a shirt.

Plus there was food and a nice warm place to wait at the 1st Pres. Church in Findlay. They had a kids’ fun run around the parking lot and the boys both ran that. They even gave out medals.

The kids lining up for their race

The temperature wasn’t bad at around 40 degrees and fair. This was a 4-miler and my goal was to come in with sub-10:00 miles. I made that goal coming in at 38:44 at an average 9:41/mile pace. I was actually second in my age group out of 7 and overall 62 out of 145 finishers. I was pleased with that.

Possibly the best picture of me running ever. Taken at the Run4Haiti.

The following week, I ran the Women’s Resource Center Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. My goal was a sub-28:00 5k and I just barely missed that, although if you look at the official results, I came in at 27:59. In reality, they mixed up the times and I’m pretty sure I got the next time at 28:11. My Garmin read right around the 28:15 mark. Anyway, I did place 6th in my age group out of 19 and 133 out of 358 finishers. The weather was pretty nice again–cool, but dry.

Pretty nice tech shirt from the turkey trot

We had a nice Thanksgiving breakfast at Kevin’s folks and then headed down to Columbus to have Thanksgiving with my family since the Foremans weren’t getting together that day (even though it was “their year” according to our calendar).

Kevin’s mom started up a new round of chemo with the OSU James Cancer Clinic and Dr. Bloomston. This time with Folfirinox which was just approved for use earlier in the year. We had high hopes for this protocol and her CA-19 numbers dropped drastically while on this medication. She was off the chemo over Christmas and we had a wonderful holiday together. She was acting just about like her old self and she put on over 10 pounds. She was scheduled for surgery on January 4th to have the tumor resected and part of her pancreas removed.

We celebrated Christmas with my family the week before at my mom’s. It was a nice time as always.

I again ran the Midnight Special 5k on New Year’s Eve up in Whitehouse, OH. I was hoping to have some company this year, but no one came through who said they were interested. I had fun anyway. The weather for this one was perfect, dry and right around 40. My goal, again, was to get a true sub-28:00 time and I finally did–my official time (chip timed) was 27:37, 10th out of 17 for my AG and 167th out of 329 overall. To place in this race, I’ll need to be able to run a 25:00 5k. Guess what my goal is for this year? 🙂 I’m a bit discouraged that I wasn’t able to bring my time down more than that from last year, which has been my PR until now at 28:15. I only managed to shave 38 seconds off my time. I know I can do better with a little work.

Nice women's cut tech shirt, medal and blinking necklace from the Midnight Special

Following New Year’s, Joan went in for surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor was wrapped around blood vessels leading to other organs and they were unable to remove any of it. They just closed her back up. This was our greatest fear and it had come true. We were stunned and shocked and in despair for a day or so, but then we were able to start thinking and planning again. The doctor believes the new chemo did have an effect and kept the cancer from spreading, however he thinks the dosage was perhaps not high enough. The plan right now is to wait until February for her to heal up and then restart the chemo and do that until her body says it can’t take any more. Then radiation will be used to help shrink the tumor and perhaps make it able to be removed. Joan, however, does not want to undergo such an extensive surgery as the recovery period is quite grueling. But we’ll cross that bridge when and if we get to it.

Yesterday, I came across a procedure called the NanoKnife that sounds very promising for her situation. It can be used to kill inoperable tumors without damaging surround healthy soft tissue. Kevin emailed Dr. Bloomston who responded right away, knows the doctor in Kentucky who is an expert in this procedure and is willing to set up an appointment. Kevin and I are pretty excited about it and praying that she will be a good candidate for it, especially since it is a minimally invasive technique.

I am in the middle of planning the CGWM spring retreat 5k and starting to freak out just a little bit. I have all sorts of things in process, but very little actually nailed down and done except for the award medals. I’m excited about it, though, and if the fall races in Findlay that I attended are any indication, I could have up to 100 ladies show up.

For my personal race calendar, I am already signed up for the Toledo 1/2 marathon on April 22nd, the Cleveland 1/2 (with Kathryn, yay!) on May 20th, and the Findlay 1/2 marathon on October 7th. I’m still contemplating the Columbus 1/2 again in October, but maybe I really don’t need to run that one again. Maybe if someone will run it with me… Also, the Bowling Green 1/2 is in September, but I can decide on that one at the last minute.

My running goals for the year: run a 25:00 5k and a 2:10 half marathon. With a little hard work, I think I can get there.


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